Monday, July 16, 2007

Hawker Food Feast @ Medan Selera Section 17, PJ

It never crossed my mind to try out the Medan Selera (Food Court) in Section 17 despite passing it numerous times until I read Masak-masak's rave on their Fishball Noodles. That got me interested enough to give this little nondescript place a try. Actually it does look a little bit forbidding and unwelcoming from the outside, giving me the impression that unless you are a resident of the nearby flat, enter at your own risk...haha....But of course, my impression was just nonsense!

Anyway, here it is. Teowchew Fishball Noodles from Stall No. 14.
070330 008
Smooth kuey teow noodles (no idea if it is homemade though) in clear and relatively MSG-free broth, topped with some spring onion, sliced fish cakes and homemade fish balls. Everything was great in its simple goodness, but obviously the highlight is the fish ball. Fresh, no overpowering fishy smell and with just the right bounce.
070330 006a (Custom)
From the same stall, you can also order Char Kuey Teow which also seems to be rather popular judging from the flow of orders from customers. I sampled some and it was good too! It was fried a "darker" version and topped with generous sprinkles of cockles and bean sprouts with enough wok-fire, it was delicious even for a non-CKT fan like me.

There is also a tongshui stall a few stalls away, selling a variety of tongshuis and snacks.
070401 095
I tried Lotus Glutinous Rice Dumplings in Osmanthus Flower infused broth. The taste of the osmanthus flower is rather unique but the broth was a bit on the diluted side. The dumplings were just average only, texture and tastewise.
070330 013
This is something called "Lek Tau Suan" (Skinned Mung Beans broth). Again, rather average.

070401 096
Outside the food court (across the road) are two vans selling Rojak and Cendol.
070330 014
The rojak was rather disappointing. Served with the usual condiments, the sauce lacked taste and the entire concoction was just not very satisfying.
070330 019
The cendol fared better but not memorable. Just a slightly better-than-average cendol for me, but good enough the appease the bothersome heat on a hot day. You can read a more detailed review of the cendol here.

Disclaimer: No, I did not have all the above food all by myself, in case you are wondering. *grin*


boo_licious said...

Ah, I love those fishball noodles. U forget to try the woon chai koh from the pork noodles stall, it's good too.

MeiyeN said...

this place is my mom and her friend's favourite! :D

myCoffee said...

Hi boo,
Ya, must try that next time.

Hi meiyen,
Have you tried this place yourself? Any other stalls to recommend?

wmw said...

Hopped over from the Ultimate List. I stay nearby and have yet to eat here, would make it a point to drop by this place. Thanks!

MeiyeN said...

yeaps... tried their "yee mee" not bad also! :D

babe_kl said...

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Jackson said...

wow... u really can eat huh!!

myCoffee said...

Hi wmw,
Thanks for dropping by.

Hi meiyen,
Thanks for the recommendation!

Hi babe_kl,
Hmm..., I'll see what I can contribute.

Hi Jackson,
Aiyo, don't be so blunt lah! *Pai-seh*...haha!

Precious Moments said...

I been to that cendol stall!!!! it is really crowded.

myCoffee said...

Hi precious moments,
Then walk across the road and try the Fish Ball noodles and CKT inside the food court opposite. Definitely worth a try...