Monday, June 27, 2005

Where Shall I Begin?

First thing first. It's only appropriate to write an introduction as my first blog entry. But where shall I begin?
Ok, how about this (hope it doesn't come across sounding cheesy). I am a twenty-something female residing in the Klang Valley who rates desserts and all things sweet as one of her favourite things in life and much to her delight (and as what others who know her well say, "About time...") , had recently taken a strong interest in creating her favourite desserts.

So in short, this is another food-related blog dedicated to desserts creation (aka baking) although I have to point out that I am very much still an amateur when it comes to baking (aka more misses than hits). All the same, it delights me very much to be able to share with others both my adventures & mis-adventures in the kitchen and I hope that it will bring to you some measure of amusement as well.

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