Thursday, May 17, 2007

Desserts at Midori, Cineleisure (near The Curve)

Cineleisure? Is that what you call the entire mall or just the cineplexes inside? Oh, whatever... You know which buidling I mean right? The building next to The Curve that houses the Cathay cineplexes? Twas my 2nd time there and I was surprised to see more "life" in the mall other than those that centers around the cinemas.

Anyway, this is a cute little restaurant that serves basic Japanese cafe food fare (I think for I was only checking out their desserts section on their menu).

But they have 2 entire pages devoted to desserts and most sound yummy particularly if you are a fan of green tea ice-cream, azuki beans paste, black sesame, etc....
Japanese Rice Balls in Azuki Bean (red bean) Paste topped with green tea ice-cream
I love azuki bean paste and they were rather generous with it. So no prize in guessing whether or not I like the first dessert. Having said that, although their green tea ice-cream was nice, it tasted somewhat commercial. Also, the rice balls are a little too tough to chew.

Soft-serve ice-cream with sweet potato (underneath) and black sesame topping with azuki bean paste and a touch of milk.
Next to azuki beans, I love black sesame paste. And following that, sweet potato. So again, unsurprisingly, I like the 2nd dessert too. The soft-serve ice-cream although smooth, was a bit on the bland side. So, the black sesame added a nice touch of flavour to it. I am not sure if the sweet potato is an excellent idea to add to this dessert but at the very least, it stops it from being too boring.

Generally, both desserts are pretty alright. What I like is the fact that both weren't too sweet (in fact, those who are used to high doses of sugar might not like this). Oh, and not forgetting they have my favourite ingredients...! However, the pictures in the menu are a bit misleading. Actual servings size were rather disappointing in comparison. :-p


MeiyeN said...'ve tried this place! fiance and i frequently pass by this place but dare not try cause it's always empty :p nvm, next time i catch a movie here, shall drag him to try da ice-creams.. lovely!

Precious Pea said...

SO GORGEOUS LOOKING...will sure make my way there to try it soon.

babe_kl said...

i saw the buntings 2 weeks ago but cant try them cos both big boi and small boiboi coughing away :(

Little Chi Chi said...

This sounds very good!! Will definitely go try it soon!! Good find!!

myCoffee said...

Hi All,
There are many more choices available (like I said, it's a 2-page menu for desserts) and I too, would like to give others a try too. However, most seems like variations of each other.

Jackson said...

i agree wt Mei yen.. the place is alwiz empty but after read yr review, hehe....must try! im a sesame lover too...

myCoffee said...

Really? That one time I went, the place was full. In fact, we had to share table with another couple.