Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bean's Dessert Kitchen

Looking for simple desserts in the vicinity of Subang Jaya? Why not give Bean's Dessert Kitchen a try. Serving a variety of tongshui (sweet broth) and herbal drinks daily, they also serve simple meals not uncommon to those usually found at local cafes and "cha-can-teng". Their tongshui are not bad and I usually go for them but today, I decided to try something different.

I have been craving red beans lately, which I have a real fondness of. When I saw a picture of the Special Red Bean Ice dessert, I knew I had to have it.
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Well, it happened to be a hot day so the dessert really worked in cooling down the dreadful heat. It's basically shaved ice topped with lots of tapioca pearls, sago, red beans and "lightly" drenched in milk (not too sure whether it's coconut milk, evaporated milk or condensed milk- haha). The abundance of the big tapioca pearls really gave my jaw a big workout. It's chewing, chewing, chewing all the way. But other than that, although pleasant, it was not that special after all.

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I also ordered their yam cake which was one of their recommended dishes in their menu. This was rather good although not the best that I have tasted. Not too dry and not too wet and not too stingy with the yam either. Be sure to ask for some sambal chili to go with it.

Bean's Dessert Kitchen
SS15/8B, Subang Jaya (Corner Shop)


MeiyeN said...

goodness.. da redbean!!!!!! looks so yummy!!! is this place near to k3k kopitiam?

myCoffee said...

Yes, it is the row behind it, the other end (corner shop).

daphne said...

hmh... I'm hoping that SS14 is close to SS15-with my bad sense of direction in KL. Nevertheless, will ask around when I'm there! Love the look of the big fat red beans with sago.

teckiee said...

thats a lot of beans! sure good bowel movement one after eating that LOL

Tummythoz said...

Lol at teckiee's comment.

myCoffee said...

Hi Daphne,
Yes, SS15 is opposite SS14, across the freeway/main road.

Hi teckiee and tummythoz,

Precious Pea said...

So heavily laden with red beans!!!! I like i like!!

myCoffee said...

Hi pea,
I *heart* red beans too!

MeiyeN said...

wishing you and your loved ones a happy christmas, enjoy da holidays yah! :)

myCoffee said...

Thanks, dear. You too!