Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dim Sum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang

The Emperor is a traditionally themed halal Cantonese restaurant, located in Sheraton Subang and one of my preferred restaurants to have halal dim sum.

Dimsum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang
The dim sum pre-requisite, har gow (prawn dumpling) with scallops. I think it is called "tai zi gow"?
The dumpling was good. Fresh, big and juicy seafood. Plus points for the not to thick nor thin crytal dumpling skin.

Dim Sum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang
Seaweed Roll
Dim Sum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang
Here's how it looked inside...

Dim Sum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang
Some Crab-stick Roll (this was pretty average for I am not a fan of imitation crab meat)

Dim Sum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang
This is more like it, the real thing. Crab Claw dumpling.

Dim Sum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang
One of my usual favourite dim sum dish, the "wu kok" (deep fried yam dumpling).
Again, the wu kok here was just pretty average for me.

Dim Sum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang
Mango Prawn Roll
Mmm..., rather nice as I recall.

Dim Sum @ Emperor, Sheraton Subang
Dessert: Lemongrass Jelly with Chocolate Chip Peppermint Ice-cream
Utterly disappointed with this. Very plain indeed! Jelly tasted rather bland and the ice-cream tasted like it was one of those common commercial brands readily available in supermarkets.

The Emperor,
Sheraton Subang
Jalan SS12/1 · Subang Jaya,
03-5031 6060


daphne said...

Dim sum! ooo.. i like wo kok too! that one looks like it is filled with fillings but no good? disappointing!

hey, i noticed u ate at sheraton subang, how is the food there generally? we shortlisted that place for our wedding reception but I have NO IDEA how the food is like there!

Jason said...

Too bad for the bad dim sum experience...

myCoffee said...

Hi daphne,
I have been to a chinese wedding reception at Sheraton Subang a few times. Overall, I will rate it ok. Food is not that great but better than most hotel banquet-style food.
Btw, congratulations on your impending marriage!

Hi Jason,
Did my post come across sounding bad? Oh dear, didn't mean for it to be so. Some dishes were not that good but some were alright. Like most dimsum places, the dimsum dishes orders are usually hit-and-miss. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the ice-cream and the jelly doesnt seem to gel very well from just the looks of it..definitely will avoid!

but y would u wan to eat halal dim sum anywayz?

Jeena said...

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myCoffee said...

Hi joe,
Sometimes, 'halal' dim sum can be rather good too. ;)

Hi Jeena,
Thanks for the invite.