Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All about Cheese and Bread (Cheese Sticks & Cheddar Cheese Bread)

Another business trip, another busy weekend. No time to indulge in my favourite hobby. Still, I made time to at least use the oven.

Another recipe from Alex Goh's World of Bread recipe book, this time it is the Cheddar Cheese Bread. Recently, my family had discovered a very nice bread shop near our house called RT Bakery or something like that. My personal favourite is their yummy walnut wholemeal bread (really soft) and the kids' favourite is their Cheddar Cheese Bread with cheddar cheese swirled within the loaf. Saw Alex's recipe and contemplated to give it a try in order to duplicate and compare with the bakery's version. Alex's version uses some herbs and nibbed almonds. I omitted these and just sprinkled some parsley flakes on top of the bread. The original recipe yield 2 loaves but I fit it all in one standard bread tin although I took some portion out to make some Sugary Cheese Sticks.

And as usual, Alex Goh's bread recipe didn't fail me.
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Sugary Cheese Sticks

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Cheese Bread

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Really soft bread. Swirled Cheese inside!


Ellena Mummy said...


Can see that u do bake alot of breads recently... and your Cheese Bread look so yummy... So good!

Anonymous said...

Hi mycoffee, thanks for visiting my blog! The breads all look so yummy, great job!

evan said...

thats really lovely viv :) great job! i love anything cheese, so throw some over pls :p

Angie said...

Viv, you make such lovely breads! Soft-looking interior!

Precious Moments said...

Gosh! My kids will stick their faces to your pixs coz' they love cheese with bread!!! So delicous!

Anonymous said...

My School Made The Cheese Sticks!

my high school use to make these, then all the parents complained about the kids eating to much junk food. THEY TOOK THEM OUT! me and my friends would die to get the recipe for them. if anybody knows how to make the cheese sticks please let us know.