Monday, August 01, 2005

Desserts for A Lady and for a D****?

If there is ever such thing as the most suitable name for a lady, I would say that it is Victoria. So when there is a cake known as Victoria Sponge Cake, I couldn't help but to think it must be created for a lady. That said, I never bothered to check on the history of this cake (you can do a search on the Net to find out more, if you are so inclined) so I would just stick to my own presumptions until told and proven otherwise.

This is a rather simple cake, strawberry jam sandwiched between a basic sponge cake sliced into 2 and dusted with icing sugar (optional). However, I felt as it the sponge cake can be further improved. I am still looking for the perfect cotton-y soft sponge cake recipe.
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On the other end of the scale is a cake known as Devil's Food Cake. I read somewhere that its namesake came about due to the dark colour of the cake. I sure hope so, duh...Here's my attempt at baking this cake.
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Niki said...

A perfect, cotton-wool like sponge cake uses cornflour and some custard powder - and no (yes, none!) wheat flour! You also cannot use a food processor, bc you want to make the mixture as airy as possible. These things make a tall, fluffy sponge cake, like the type you find baked by old ladies at country show days in rural Australia.
I'm confused by a Victoria sponge, which seems to have a much denser consistency than the sponge cakes I know.
This is a great article to refer to about them, with some excellent recipes! Good luck!

myCoffee said...

Thanks for the link! Really useful resources. So is your blog. ;-)

Niki said...

Thanks. :-) I was working at the archives of Melbourne university last year, and all the archivists decided they would have a sponge cake making compeition, bc that article had appeared in the Age. I'm proud to say that I won the competition, and it was the first sponge I'd ever made! Although, I had grown up with the quintessential Aussie sponge with passionfruit icing, made by my Aussie relatives. It's like biting into a cloud :-)