Thursday, November 30, 2006

MyCoffee Eats: Dinner @ Out of Africa

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Out of Africa? I thought I was “in”.

Hehe, bad joke aside, it was quite an experience dining at Out of Africa. Who would have thought a place like this exists in Kelab Syabas? Ambience is kind of rustic yet serene and relaxing at the same time. Menu is rather extensive with some of the most imaginative names I have come across (meat lovers will definitely love this place) and servings are really waistline-challenging. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pumpkin Soup in mini cauldron and Chicken Liver Pate
My friend and I shared a Chicken Liver Pate and Pumpkin Soup as starters. The latter is served in a mini cauldron with really tasty garlic toasts. Pumpkin soup was definitely good, warm yet tantalizing and perfect for a rainy evening. The liver pate came in a generous chunk with toasts and some sweet chutney. Rich and creamy, I was surprised (and slightly appalled) that we nearly finished the entire block.

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Bobotie Set
For main, we ordered something that sounds like Bobotie. Described as a common dish in Africa, it is supposed to be a very mild dry beef curry. The sight of it was not really appealing and unfortunately, so was the taste. It was too dry and the accompanying rice, crackers (papadam), and slices of bananas (yes, very strange indeed) did nothing to elevate the problem. The only thing I liked were the sambal-like condiment and the side salad.

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Warm Whisky Sticky Toffee Pudding with Ice-cream
A meal is not finished without dessert so we ordered a Warm Whisky Sticky Toffee Pudding to share. Definitely very sweet but it was still yummy when eaten together with the accompanying ice-cream. In my opinion, one can hardly go wrong with the classic combination of warm & cold dessert. Then again, I would definitely not mind if they were more generous with the whisky though.

For something different and exotic, Out of Africa is definitely worth a try!

Out of Africa Restaurant and Kudu Bar
Inside Kelab Syabas, PJ State
Tel: 03-7955 3432


babe_kl said...

my fren had their elephant rib once and she swore off meat for a week! hahaha the portion was huge

boo_licious said...

Haven't eaten here for years and years. I still remember they were so popular when they first opened and they had two outlets - one in City Square.

Chocoholic said...

Ooh I can't believe the place is still around, after like 20 years! My parents used to bring me there for dinner, and then we'd go to the A&W next door to play. haha. The good ol days!

myCoffee said...

To be frank, I was surprised to see such place existed in Kelab Syabas. *grin*