Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Post-Christmas Treat (Christmas Flogging Exhange)

This is a very belated post indeed. Blame this on the recent unpredictable internet connection.
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Last month, I particpated in the Christmas Flog Exchange organised by Hinata of The Hinata Diaries and Joone of Nibble Scribble. It's similar to a Christmas gift exchange cum Blogging-by-Mail concept. Basically, you write a food-related Christmas wish. Once compiled, all the participant's wishes will be published on the organizers' blog. You choose someone else's wishes to fulfill and you will be paired up with your wishee.

I wished for a "Christmas-related" surprise and a surprise was what I got! Albeit a very pleasant one... My secret santa was Umami and she sent me a lovely box of home-made mini Christmas mince pies. When I mentioned 'lovely box', I really mean it in a literal way. Just take a look, such a beautifully decorated box!
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The mince pies were made by her sister who runs a small catering business named Special Treats in KL (tel: 012-3336668), specialising in finger foods, cupcakes and western dishes. What can I say, the mince pies were absolutely yummy! Sweet fillings encased in delicious buttery crusts, they are pretty addictive and were gone in no time as the little ones at home could not get their fingers off them!
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Thanks to Umami for providing such a delightful treat that made it seems like Christmas all over again, and to Joone and Hinata for organizing such a fun event!

If you are curious about what I got for my wishee, take a look here. :o)


Terrence said...

HI there Viviene! I know why I should know you better so I'll know where to find free food thru blogs! haha..just kidding...but those mini tarts looks lovely! Wish i can just reach out to my LCD monitor and pick one out to eat them.. :P

Terrence from SG

myCoffee said...

Now only you realised? How could you? (hehe)