Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Another year had passed and another brand new year had just arrived.
Here's wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and May You Have a Great Year Ahead!
And cheers from my doggie, Julius too! Photobucket
*woof* *woof*

UPDATED: Wanna see his antics? See it here.

More food-related posts coming up soon...


Precious Pea said...

Happy New Year!!

Awww...Julius a big boy now. Hugss!!

knitties said...

Happy New Year! Julius is such a sweetie :)

kampungboycitygal said...

happy new year!! anticipating more sweets pic to cure my sweets craving

boo_licious said...

Happy New Year! Woof woof to Julius too.

myCoffee said...

Happy New Year to you all as well. Thanks for the nice comments on Julius. ;)