Friday, November 28, 2008

D'Empire Brasserie @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Pan-seared Canadian Cod
Nestled in the maze of pubs, cafes and eateries within Solaris Mont Kiara is this rather cozy corner bistro-like restaurant serving basically European/Italian fare. Twas was a friend's birthday and there was a big group of us. A variety of dishes were ordered although unfortunately, I only managed to take pictures of those that were within my vicinity.

Some starters were ordered but I was a little late and forgot what was served. However I do remember their personal pizzas were really good. Laddened with hearty ingredients with a thin and somewhat crispy base, it was how I like my pizza to be (sorry, no pic). The same thing can't be said about the soup that we ordered though. I couldn't really remember whether was it seafood minestrone or seafood chowder.
Seafood minestrone or seafood chowder? Presentation was better and not as above, we redistributed it into smaller bowls, hence the "messy rim".
I was expecting a thick type of soup for it was mentioned in the menu that it came with some bread. As a matter of fact, the soup was rather thin and lacked of flavour despite the rather generous seafood given. There was also no bread in sight but we did not pursue the matter as we were given an additional complimentary small bowl of the soup (sucker for free stuff, lol). Also, I doubt the bread would help the rather 'thin' soup much.

For my main, I ordered their special of the day which was not on their menu, Pan-seared Canadian Cod (apx. RM60 / pictured above). How was it? To be frank, it's rather easy not to go wrong with a good piece of cod as most of its flavour comes from its thick and creamy flesh. However, my main was just slightly overcooked and there wasn't anything partcularly exciting about the way it was cooked or the accompanying condiments. Overall, it was still decent
Seafood Pasta done aglio olio style
2 types of pastas were also ordered, one is seafood and the other is spicy sausage (or something that sounds similar). Both are done aglio olio style. My friends who ordered did not have any complaints. I stole a few bites and find it slightly too bland, even for an aglio olio style pasta. Also, the addition of chinese parsley seems a bit out of place, rendering the dish to taste like noodles cooked chinese-style.
Spicy Sausage Pasta done aglio olio style
Desserts were nothing to shout about (hence no photo too) and I would give it a miss although I wouldn't mind returning for their yummy pizzas.

D'Empire Brasserie
22 Ground Floor,
Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603- 6203 6887


thenomadGourmand said...

hhmmm..seems quite pricey too.. and everything sounded sub-par for an establishment like this.

thenomadGourmand said...

oh ya, I have passed on some cool awards and meme-ed you!

squall said...

wow...whr r the pizza photo???

ling239 said...

i am attracted by the amount of seafood in the pasta!! ^_^

myCoffee said...

Not all is lost though. I like the pizza very much. Thanks for the awards. I'll try to do the meme as soon as possible. :)

Hi squall,
Ya, rather unfortunately, I didn't take photo of the pizza.

Hi ling239,
Yep, I have to say that they were rather generous with the seafood in the seafood pasta dish.

CUMI & CIKI said...

ooo looks good! is solaris picking up yet?

myCoffee said...

As a matter of fact, not really. Although the streets were lined with cars, I noticed most eateries were rather empty when I walked around.

Tummythoz said...

Have not got around to visit Solaris yet. Thot this may be a good reason to. Sadly, it's not to be.

myCoffee said...

Hi tummythoz,
But there are plenty of eateries in that area. Then again, D'Empire wasn't bad although it did not "wow" me. I like their pizzas though! ;)

sc said...

sounds quite pricey for average food..well, there's lots of retaurants in Solaris, more to try :)