Sunday, April 08, 2007

Late Lunch & Afternoon Snacks @ Rojak-Rojak, The Curve

Recently, after a marathon of gym classes, my friends and I stopped over at Rojak Rojak at The Curve for the much needed "fuel replenishment".

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Fruits Rojak with "kangkung".
I like this, the sauce was piquant and rather spicy. To my friend who could not tolerate spiciness as much as me, it could get pretty overwhelming. My only complaint(s)? Not enough crushed peanuts and serving size is rather small for its price (between RM6-7).

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Stuffed Tofu "Bakar"
For once, the serving size was rather generous. About 8 pieces or so. Fresh and crunchy, I like the fact that it was not soggy (from being overly drenched in sauce) was already a "plus" point for me. Again, I like the sauce used here.

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Spicy Noodles
My friend had scooped out 1/3 of it before I remember to take a picture of this. I only took a couple of small spoonfuls of this so couldn't really comment much. But I remember that the gravy/soup base was pretty delicious.

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Roti Jala with Curry Chicken
I stole a bite from my friend. Haven't had Roti Jala in a LONG, LONG TIME so to me, it was another thumbs up!

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Black Glutinous Rice tongshui
Erm...., this was "ok-lar...." Not a fan of this type of tongshui though.

Rojak Rojak
The Curve

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MeiyeN said...

da stuffed "taufu bakar" worthy to order... should had order that during my last visit!

boo_licious said...

I like their spicy soup noodles.

Pink Elle said...

Hi, that rojak looks good, especially since I'm on a rojak crave! :p

myCoffee said...

You could always make a repeat visit if you ran out of things to eat in TC. ;)

Ya, most people who have had this dish liked it.

Hi pink_elle,
I have been on a rojak crave for the longest time ever.

JoinMe said...

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P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.