Friday, June 22, 2007

Dinner @ Banquet, Bangsar Village II

070604 017 (Small)
The initial plan was to have dinner at Delicious but business was so good for them that there was actually a queue waiting for tables outside the outlet although it was already 9pm. We took a detour to see if there was anything else that looks interesting and lo! and behold! We saw this.
070604 006
Inside the cafe.
070604 009
View of outside from inside.
Banquet. Very charming and chic indeed! Was later told that this is the sister outlet of CafeCafe.

Their menu is somewhat limited although it does have a combination of local dishes as well as bistro type dishes. I wanted to try their Rojak but priced at RM12, I thought I might as well their other more subtantial dishes. My eyes were drawn to their Oven Baked Butter Fish with Cream of Honey Mustard because I do have a penchant for honey mustard dressing. Upon placing our order, we were told that we had to wait 20-minute for this dish (I am not sure of this is the norm for this dish though). However, the management brought us some complimentary** bubur gandum tongshui ("mat chuk" aka sweetend oats broth) which I thought was very nice of them.
070604 002
Bubur Gandum
The tongshui was alright albeit a little bit too watery for my liking. Gula melaka was used here so it gave a nice fragrance to the warm tongshui. Then came our mains...,
070604 013 (Small)
Oven Baked Butter Fish with Cream of Honey Mustard
Ah, this was excellent! The honey mustard sauce compliments the buttery fish very well. The sauce was sweet but yet slightly musky (from the mustard seeds) and the fish, so tender and smooth, reminded me of cod which I love very much. The first bite of this dish will really bring about a burst of flavour that will certainly create a "wow"! The portion was rather substantial too. The accompanying lentils salad was less remarkable but I think that was just ideal as it wouldn't be nice to try and steal the limelight away from the fish. One word of recommendation though, consume while warm. Otherwise, it might get a bit cloying.

Ok, dessert time. Always, always room for dessert in my tummy...
We had their highly recommended tiramisu (pictured on top) which I think was good, and I do have a high expectation when it comes to tiramisu... Not to say absolutely remarkable but it was good enough... No fancy ganishing or anything of that sort. Just a simple, classic tiramisu done the way it should be done.
070604 018
We also shared a lemon tart. To me, this was just average. But not too bad either.....

Ok, here comes the part that kind of marred my impression of them. The so-called complimentary tongshui given to us earlier was later charged to our bill. Didn't discover this until I got home. Ok, granted they didn't exactly say that it was "complimentary" but they said, "this is for you while you wait" and tak-kan they dared to force us to have something which we didn't order without asking us first. So I have to withdraw the initial "thumbs up" that I gave them for what I thought was a thoughtful gesture and replace it with two "thumbs down" for the faux pas.

Otherwise, go fo the fish and the tiramisu.
070604 007
Bangsar Village II (2nd Flr, I think)
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MeiyeN said...

i've been waiting for your review :D i liked da fish alot... will definitely order again during my next visit hehe...

KampungboyCitygal said...

Haha..complimentary but they are charging it to the bill..i like the white nice

myCoffee said...

Hi meiyen,
Fish was real nice right? Hmm.., craving for it now.

Hi kampungboycitygal,
Yeah, I was charmed by the chic decor!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Looks very pretty. Been pestering my friends to go there ever since I saw the preview article in NST, but somehow I seem to lack the powers of persuasion! hehe. Thanks for the review. :-)

Precious Pea said...

Wow..this place looks good. Must go with Hubby to try the butter fish.

myCoffee said...

Hi lyrical lemongrass,
No problem at all. Hope you have better luck with your friends next time! ;)

Hi precious pea,
Hope you like the fish as much as I did (provided standards "tak jatuh" la...) hehe.

swee said...

hey hey hey, just so if u ddin't know, I'm back already la. When should we meet again and talk about .. err ... FF ? hahaha..

myCoffee said...

Hi swee,
Welcome back! Will contact you soon! :)

boo_licious said...

Ok, will definitely order the butterfish the next time I'm there. We had the risotto and pasta which was not bad but didn't like wow me. Guess I need to order more things on the menu. I saw their signature beef bacon with egg and red wine in the menu too.

Usually if you visit new place in the first few weeks or months, things are chaotic so must give them some leeway.

Jackson said...

woo... new eatery place.. must try out someday