Friday, June 15, 2007

Simple Lunch at Ninja Jones, Northpoint Mid Valley

070604 003 (Small)
Unagi Tofu Salad
My sister, my niece and I were at Mid Valley recently having a ladies' only shopping session. When lunch time rolls around, most F&B outlets looked so packed. Suddenly, I remembered a Japanese restaurant that enjoyed good reviews from fellow bloggers with a catchy name - Ninja Jones. I knew it is located at Northpoint but I didn't know where exactly was Northpoint (initially thought it was those commercial blocks located opposite Starbucks). After circling almost a third of the perimeter surrounding Mid Valley (and after much grumblings from my sis and niece), we finally found it!

None of us was really hungry so we opted for a simple lunch despite the many delicious-looking choices on their menu. Craving for a refreshing salad after an "unintentional walk under the hot sun", I chose the Unagi Salad (pictured above)which proved to be an excellent choice for me! Pieces of succulent unagi (eel) and tofu on top of mountains of fresh vege in light dressing, topped with a light drizzle of wasabi mayo and crispy croutons.

My sis and niece chose the set lunch options,
070604 009
Katsu Don (not pork, but chicken and tasted average only), and
070604 005
another chicken dish that is fried with egg. (This was better that the former).
070604 012
When I first saw Pumpkin Pudding listed under Desserts on their menu, I knew I must try it. Tasted like chilled pumpkin-flavoured egg custard with a dash of milk. Not too bad, nice for a hot weather.

070604 007
"Ninja" in action! No sight of flying ninja though.....hehe...
070604 016
Went into the Men's by mistake (honestly!). Not fair, the Men's washroom was much nicer and interesting than the Ladies....

Ground Floor, Northpoint, Mid Valley City
Tel: 03-2288 1646


MeiyeN said...

my fiance and my friends commented that da beef.... really good! as for myself, i like da baked seafood papaya :D

Jackson said...

hehe... i love their deco so much! Hehe... i accidently went in to their ladies too... gents better!!

boo_licious said...

Everything looks good, I like the pumpkin custard. The chicken cooked with egg is called oyako don. Yup, the guys were raving abt the loos that day too.

Tummythoz said...

Went there past Sun. Their chefs cannot handle the crowd. So, our dinner lasted 3 hours! Lucky I was with interesting company & the manager treated us to a fruit platter.
Next time I must remember to accidently enter the 'lil boys' room too!

myCoffee said...

Hi meiyen,
The baked seafood papaya sounds interesting but I don't recall seeing this on the menu. Must visit again and this time, shall give more attention to their menu. :)

Hi jackson,
Well in that case you would have to agree with me that the restaurant practices 'double standards' when it comes to 'this matter'.

Hi boo and tummythoz,
Well, you would have to 'accidentally' visit the gent to see for yourself what the big "hoo-hah" is about. ;p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha i heart the food too!..the wagyu items are pretty spot on..

jackson: ham sap ar u..

Precious Pea said...

U mean you went into the gents by mistake and yet can take a picture? Wahhh!! Salute salute. LOL!

myCoffee said...

Hi joe,
Hmmm..., must try the wagyu next time!

Hi precious pea,
Hehe, nobody was there ma. Otherwise, the men would be alarmed that there's a female in their loo snapping pictures while they...*ahem*

oLive said...

Feel like wanna go try it out too! how is the price?

myCoffee said...

Pricing is similar to other slightly upper scale Japanese restaurants such as Rakuzen and the likes.