Friday, June 01, 2007

Continuing the Hunt for Great Pan Mee (Desa Sri Petaling)

Continuing from my previous post on Pan Mee, my friend (who is even more a pan mee afficionado than me) told me that she found a new favourite in Desa Sri Petaling which she claimed is even better than my current favourite (Lian Heng in SS19, SJ). With a claim like that, obviously I must go and try this pan mee out. So I persuaded my friend (not much effort needed actually) to take me there for I am totally clueless to look for the place myself.

The place wasn't too hard to go to actually. Arriving for lunch on a weekend, the no-frills (I don't even recall seeing a signboard if there is one) restaurant was pretty crowded but at least there was no queue in waiting. I ordered what my friend ordered, one pan mee in soup with hand-shredded dough with one additional "sui-kow" (meat dumpling).
Less than 10 minutes later, we were served with our bowls of steaming goodness. And what a big bowl it was! I double-checked with my friend whether did we mistakenly ordered the "big" size but was told this is the normal serving size. Definitely a plus for the big eater but for me, I think I only managed about 1/2 a bowl or 3/4 at most.
Back to the pan mee, what I like most about it is the texture of the noodles. Just the right amount of chewy/springy/thickness, it was good. Instead of potato leaves vegetable, they used either kai lan or choi sum (I think but I forgot which for sure). The soup was pretty tasty but overshadowed by the "overly" generous sprinklings of crispy and crunchy ikan bilis. If you like lots of ikan bilis in your pan mee, then you will love this for sure!
And the must-have to go with pan mee and also another mark of a good pan mee, is the accompanying chilli sauce. I like mine with lots of pounded green cili padi and a dash of lime. Just like the one that they served here so their chilli sauce definitely gets thumbs up from me!
Not forgetting their sui-kow too. One fat, meaty dumpling, it was pretty good for a simple sui kow. Generous filling, thin skin, not overly laddened with pepper and other msg. Would recommend this if you visit this shop. Apparently, their deep-fried ones are also very popular too!

So, did this shop become my new favourite place for pan mee? Like the texture of the pan mee, the crunchy ikan bilis and the sui kow but otherwise, I still prefer my old favourite... Or at least till my next hunt for good pan mee (want to try the one in Klang next).

Directions: (my apology for the vague directions)
From Sg. Besi, go straight along highway until you see a left turning to Desa Sri Petaling. Turn left and go straight, You will see a commercial/business square on your left-hand side. Drive towards that direction (turn left, go straight and then left again to enter the square). The shop is located along the 2nd road inside the square, somewhere in the middle.


tankiasu said...

I'm not a big fan of Pan Mee, but my parents are definitely one. Wanna bring them there to try it out and let them compare it with their favourite (the one in Chow Kit). Are they open for dinner?

myCoffee said...

Hi tankiasu,
I was told that they are open from morning till noon, about 3ish. Yup, the one in ChowKit is good albeit rather different from a typical pan mee. Have they tried the one in Subang Jaya?

tankiasu said...

Hmm..don't think they have tried the Subang's, but abit too far from our place. Ok, might bring them to the Desa Petaling one this weekend. ;-) Thanks mate!

boo_licious said...

Ah, what a great discovery. Thanks for the tip. Hope I can find it.

Big Boys Oven said...

Have you tried the Pan Mee at Bangsar? This one had been my favourite breakfast.

myCoffee said...

Hi boo,
You are most welcome!

Hi Big Boys Oven,
No, I haven't. Where about in Bangsar is this, pray tell?

Anonymous said...

there's one very good pan mee stall near Jusco Taman need to get across the main roads from there in the housing area..shoddy stall but tastes very good. Always sold out by noon. I'll try to get details and post it back here..

Anonymous said...

Pan Mee under the big tree- infront of block 20, Miharja flats, Jln Palong, Tmn Miharja...been there for ages now..

myCoffee said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for the recommendations!

babybluepico said...

the pan mee in chow kit is GOOOD!.. but i don think it can be compared with the normal pan mee. cause.. ya... its really different!..

i really like this pan mee stall in Kl.. its located right inside Sungei Wang Plaza.. on the 2nd floor where all the sticker photo booths are. there is this shop called paramount.. inside this shop there are many other food stalls. it kinda reminded me of those coffee shops in tvb series. the pan mee stall is located at the corner of the shop. either kon lou or ching tong is just as good.. :)..

anyway.. cant wait to try the one in desa sri petaling and SJ!..

oh yea.. the star brought me to ur page.. ;)