Wednesday, June 06, 2007

MyCoffee Snacks: Hot Roll Wraps

HotRoll (Jun07)2
Recently, I came across this stall in Summit USJ. First look, it looked like an ordinary crepe/wraps place but on closer look, what it offers were pretty interesting.
HotRoll (Jun07)1
First of all, the standard crispy crepes come in interesting savoury flavours such as Satay Chicken, Bolognese Beef and some others which I forgot now. If you don't like crispy wraps, you can opt for the Paratha Wrap, which is similar to a roti canai wrap.
HotRoll (Jun07)3
I chose the Satay Chicken which came recommended as their special. Taste wise, it as ok I guess. The chicken + peanut sauce combo was tasty no doubt, but otherwise pretty forgetable. But generally, it's not bad for a snack or a light meal. A couple who came after me ordered the Paratha Wrap and to their dismay, the serving size was much compared to mine (which they commented to the attendants). And yup, I too, felt that the Paratha Wrap was rather small in size although I am sure that it's more filling since it has more "bulk" to it. But I was happy with my portion size and the fillings were sufficient enough. One thing to note though, it got pretty messy to eat towards the last 1/3 where the skin got soaked through with the sauce and hence, was no longer crispy but soggy. Quite challenging to eat it gracefully while trying to keep all the fillings intact. *lol*

The sweet versions cost about RM4.50 and the savoury ones are RM5.50.

Hot Wrap
LG Summit USJ (near McDonald's)


Jackson said...

i think i saw this kiosk before but never got a chance to try.. will try it out next time!!

MeiyeN said...

ooo... there used to be one crepe kiosk @ 1u and mv few years ago and i certainly adored them so much! too bad, they are now gone, closed-shop :(

myCoffee said...

Hi Jackson,
Worth a try. I reckon the savoury ones are more interesting that the sweet versions.

Hi meiyen,
Really? Too bad. I adore crepes especially those Parisian types but those sold here are usually crispy ones.

boo_licious said...

ooooh, this looks so good. Thanks for the info, will go check it out when I'm in Sunway Pyramid.

myCoffee said...

Hey boo,
It's Summit USJ and not Sunway Pyramid. lol

Precious Pea said...

Sunway Pyramid used to have a place selling crepe...very nice especially the one with seaweed and meat floss..closed down oledi. Oh, same franchise as the one meiyen mentioned. :(

tankiasu said...

So is it forgettable or worth trying?

myCoffee said...

Hi precious pea,
Ah...., too bad, too bad....

Hi tankiasu,
Can try lar if you wanna snack.