Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sweet Stuff (HK Point, McDonald's Green Bean Sundae & Reese's)

Everytime I go to Hong Kong, I make it a point to stop at HuiLauShan, a mango dessert specialty shop that (thank goodness!) has branches at almost every corner. One of my pet peeves is why isn't there anyone bringing this dessert chain into KL just yet.

But nevermind, for I have just discovered a HLS wannabe in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama called Hong Kong Point.
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One look at their menu, one can guess that it must have drawn its inspiration from the famous HLS.
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House signature (RM7.90)
Their house specialty is their Yang Ji Kam Po Lo (I think it's called this), which is basically blended mango puree topped with pomelo and aloe vera cubes. Very nice!

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Mango Blended Drink (RM6.90 for regular)
We also had a mango blended drink with coconut milk and fruity crystal jelly. Another thumbs up for this one!

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Longan Special (with white fungus and water chestnuts)
We were treated to a complimentary hot dessert called Longan Special or otherwise known as "longan tan shuet yi" with water chestnuts in Cantonese. Very soothing indeed although my friends said it could be better if it's a tad sweeter.

Hong Kong Point
Ground floor, Centrepoint (opposite the bakery)

I also managed to sample the McDonald's special limited edition sundae (for Raya), the Green Bean Sundae. First impression - the green bean paste looks too "green", almost fake. First taste - the green bean paste was too sweet. But after blending the green bean and sundae together, it was surprisingly good!
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Special green bean sundae from McDonald's (RM3.20)

Last but not least, attention to fans of Reese's Peanut Butter. Let yourself be deprived no more. These goodies are now available at Cold Storage at RM1.99 each only! Hurry, go and grab some before I emptied their stock!
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daphne said...

wah... I dig the mango dessert with nata decoco! yum... the green sundae looks interesting and abit too green for my liking but green bean...that's different!

havent hv the chance to try reese yet! can't wait.

Big Boys Oven said...

Sounds they have a good range of dessert and very near my place which a must go!

Jackson said...

wow.... too bad Malaysia dun have such great dessert.... sad sad

KampungboyCitygal said...

i notice the place but never intend to go in, thinking that its just another char chan teng..hehe

myCoffee said...

If you like peanut butter and chocolate combo, then you cannot miss Reese's.

Hi bbo,
Worth a try, especially if you like mango-based desserts. But they do have other types as well.

Hi Jackson,
Although no HLS in KL yet, you can pay this outlet a visit to have an idea on HLS-type desserts...

Hi citygal,
On the contrary, they are currently only serving desserts. Savoury meals/dishes are not available yet.

MeiyeN said...

i saw this place when i was at centrepoint last night! too bad didn't get to try da dessert here as we were full with our porky meal at cagayan's. have you tried cagayan's? da food is good....

Precious Pea said...

OMG!! Reese is in town???? Ok...must rush over to Cold Storage this weekend. It's the best chocolate bar i had so far. Slurps!

I just had the green bean sundae, like you said, the colour is so green so i guess lots of colouring inside. I didnt like it cos it's way too sweet for me. Ended up I scoop out all the green bean syrup. If only they are generous with their chocolate sauce...hehehe.

ai wei said...

the Reese's!!! goona grab them by weekend. thinking hard where else has cold storage

FoodieLianne said...

wee ... it is so near my place, great! i tried HLS's mango mochi recently and though it was sooo good. too bad we don't have them here huh ...

FoodieLianne said...

oh btw, i will ask my friend Joyce about Reese. Her company does the distribution here.

myCoffee said...

Hi meiyen,
No, haven't. But after reading your review, I definitely will!

Hi preciouspea,
Ya, some more RM1.99 only. Quickly go and grab some!

Hi ai wei,
Where do you stay? If you need help on the locations, just drop me an email ok.

Hi lianne,
Unfortunately, they don't have the HLS Mango mochi. They are so good, right? And thanks for finding out more info on Reese's.

Terrence Goh said...

I quote,"We were treated to a complimentary hot dessert called Longan Special or otherwise known as "longan tan shuet yi"..." Complimentary?! How come so good wan?! Hmm, the owner must have known your blog is famous - sure bring in more customers...Or he've never seen lengluis lor... :P

ai wei said...

last friday i went to the gardens's cold storage and i can't find the Reese. is it only available in selected outlets?

myCoffee said...

Hi Terrence,
I dare not claim the former but maybe the latter....hahaha!

Hi aiwei,
I saw it in CS Summit USJ and CS Subang Parade. Before that I saw it in CS flyers so it should be at every store. Maybe Gardens, being so new, they are not fully stocked yet? 2nd possibility, they are already sold out??? (oh no!!!);)

tankiasu said...

Oh I noticed this new joint too last week, while they were still doing some renovation works.

Christy said...

Interesting place!!!
I can bring my family there...hmmm, besides mango, they do have other flavours right?:D

myCoffee said...

Yes, I believe that they do although mango is their "main" theme.