Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dim Sum @ Eest, Westin KL

**Warning! Picture-heavy post ahead!**
Initial plan was to have lunch at the newly-opened Pavilion but due to the limited choices available (most shops aren't open yet), my friend and I decided to have a lunch leisurely at Eest, Westin KL just across the road.

It was a Saturday so we opted for the "eat-all-you-can" dim sum brunch at RM58++ per person*. As usual, I was pretty impressed with the interior decor of Eest. It truly looks like a posh club instead of an Asian (fusion) restaurant.
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To start with, we were served with a complimentary appetizer platter.
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Complimentary Appetizer Platter: Century Egg with Ginger, Spring Roll, Maki Sushi with pickle, Chicken Fritters with sauce and a small bowl of thai-style salad.

Let's start ordering!
Starting with steamed items,
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*Signature* Har Kau (Crystal prawn dumpling with shredded dried scallop) - Fresh and juicy prawns! I like!

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*Signature* Siu Mai (Shrimp and chicken dumpling topped with fish roe) - This is ok lar. More interesting are the vibrant colours of the generous sprinkling of fish roe on top.

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*Signature* Poached Beijing Style chicken dumpling with spicy sauce - Erm, what spicy sauce? But these are pretty alright too.

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Shanghai dumpling of chicken and crab meat - Pretty good for a "non-pork" version of Xiu Long Bao. I would have more if I did not plan to allocate my tummy for other stuff on the menu.

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Pomegranate Dumpling scented with truffle oil (Vegan) - Sounds so fancy right? But nothing fancy about this dumpling at all! Rather plain, in fact.

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Steamed cabbage roll with mushrooms and soy bean paste (vegan) - This was much more interesting although they didn't look as pretty at the one above. Served with a little milky soup base, it was good and I also like the soup that it came with.

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Squid in pungent garlic sauce - I was not really expecting anything but when it arrived, I was cuaght by surprise. It looked so erm, "mild" in contrast to its rather "exotic-sounding" description. Still, it was a pretty appetizing dish. Kind of peppery too. However, somehow it reminded me of "Maggi Mee in chicken flavour"...hehe

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Stuffed glutinous rice dumpling with seafood and roasted duck - Despite its promising description, I was let down by this dish. Stuffing was pretty sparse too.

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HK Style Chee Cheong Fun with black cod and parsley - Black cod? All I tasted was the "fun". But granted, the rice rolls were pretty silky and smooth.

And now for the fried and baked stuff,
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Flaky BBQ chicken pastries with parmesan cheese - I absolutely love, love, love this! My favourite dish during that meal.
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Flaky and buttery pastry encasing sweet bbq chicken and topped with cheese. A winning combination!

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Taro Dumpling (wu gok) with seafood and chicken - Not so good. Stuffing rather sparse and also not very appetizing.

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Bean curd sheet roll with seafood and cheese - Actually, I ordered sweet bean curd parcels with teriyaki sauce but when it came, I think they mistook the order. Too lazy to send it back and exchange, we walloped this instead. I don't remember this dish much, so must be pretty forgettable!

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*Signature* Mini egg tarts with caramel and cinnamon - Yum..., I like this too! They were still warm when it came so imagine the delight in biting into one of these flaky tarts with a smooth and silky egg custard filling, nicely fragranced with a dash of cinnamon powder.

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*Signature* Stir-fried turnip cake with belacan dish - Another signature dish but what an utter disappointment! It looked good but tasted burnt! Maybe they over-fried the belacan sauce. We just sent it back after a taste.

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Vietnamese Beef Noodles - My friend was craving for something soupy and this was the nearest that she got in fulfilling her wish. Since we were full, she ordered a small portion of this wit minimal noodles. And they really followed her instruction, It came with just a few strands of noodles. *LOL* But I didn't like it. The soup was rather bland, the beef too chewy. Plus, tt was not hot enough.

Never say NO to DESSERTS!
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Basil pearls with mixed fruits, chilled coconut cream - It was good to have something cold after the heavy meal. This was not bad. The lump you see is actually a coconut ice-cream.

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Chilled Double-boiled apple and aloe vera in light rock sugar syrup - Light and refreshing! But I don't like the taste of bitter almonds which were pretty evident!

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Fresh mango pudding - Topped with blueberries, it was yummy!

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"Tapai Pulut" glutinous rice with durian ice-cream - Ah, the durian-lover me could not resist this. And it did not disappoint either!

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Green tea ice-cream, Japanese style - I assume the toppings on top was sweet azuki beans but if it was, it didn't taste like it. It tasted more like some kind of sweet bean sauce (something like the chinese "tao si", only sweeter). Weird...!

And oh, I should probably mentioned that we were happy with their service too.

Westin, Kuala Lumpur.
* Starwood members are untitled to the usual discount for this brunch.

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Lewis said...

How did you manage to stomach all of that!?! The food looks amazing but wow, what a lot!

I think those dim sum look like perfection!
That coconut ice-cream desert seems a little out of my area of comfort but I think that I would have tried it :)

Great looking restaurant - thanks for sharing your visit with all of us!


ilovepearly said...

Nice looking food....

myCoffee said...

Hi Lewis,
Thanks for dropping by. We already set our mind to try as many variety on their menu as we could so the key is to taste everything in small portions (their portions are not big anyway). To further minimize food wasting for unconsumed food, you can request for even smaller servings than their usual.

Hi ilovepearly,

Ellena said...

Wow.. all these food are great! How i wish i can sample taste them too... :)

ai wei said...

dim sum = good food! i was craving for shanghai dumpling in the middle of night while studying ytr. of cz, i never get what i wan in midnight!!!

great place for dim sum e~

daphne said...

Now, that's a REAL egg tart!!

Precious Pea said...

Yummy! I think i will go for dim sum breakfast this weekend!

BTW, i just posted up on Pea and Pumpkin. Go check them out yah?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im happy with that spread u ordered as well!..58++ sounds like a good deal! did u have the sheraton card also?

MeiyeN said...

u mean there's this dimsum buffet at eest? i didn't know that!!!!! so.. it is 50% off for da members? ;) i wanna go!!!!!

myCoffee said...

Hi ellena,
Well, you can! Just drop by in KL! Remember to drop me a note though! ;)

Hi daphane,
I see what you mean after reading your recent post! ;)

Hi aiwei, joe, meiyen,
Go, go, go! And yes, Starwood members get 50% off for 2 persons dining!

Hi Pea,
I would say worth checking this place out! I really read your post on Pea and Pumpkin! So happy to see them adapting to each other well now...

Anonymous said...

hello. i saw your previous post on the one you baked the Triple Layered Chocolate Oreos Cake for your brother.and it really looks great. i'd really hope to make one for my friend's upcoming birthday party.if you dont mind, could you tell me the whole recipe for that cake? i'd appreciate it if you could email it to me. thank you so much.and i enjoy reading your blogs and viewing all the drooling food pictures you have.

my email:

thanks once again

tankiasu said...

Oh everything looks good. Must try it one day. So RM58++ only for Starwood member?

teckiee said...

hmm that taro filling almost empty

MeiyeN said...

great!!! thanks for da info yah.... *hugz*

myCoffee said...

Hi anonymous,
Ok, recipe will be emailed to you.

Hi tankiasu,
RM58++ is the normal price. Starwood members get 50% off on top of that (for 2-person dining).

Hi teckiee,
My thought, exactly.

Hi meiyen,
You are most welcome! :)

Christy said...

Extensive spread of dim sum....there must be a WIDE WIDE variety...and they all look so unique:)

myCoffee said...

Hi christy,
Variety is sufficient but not the greatest. But at least they attempt to give an interesting edge to the standard/common dim sum dishes.

VenueXperience said...

This restaurant is great. You must have eaten a lot if i see all those pictures :-)