Sunday, December 04, 2005

Let's Feast on Pumpkins!

Halloween and Thanksgiving may be over but one does not need a particular festival to feast on pumpkins.
I bought a 1kg pumpkin today with the intention to experiment with making Pumpkin Paste tong shui (sweet consomme). Then I realised that I only needed 500g of it so that means I was left with another 500g.
A quick ponder, and I decided to make a Pumpkin Bread with half of the leftover and Chilled Pumpkin Jelly with the other half.
Luckily, I love pumpkins and so do most of the adults at home. Otherwise, the above trio would be an over-kill for us. :)
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Pumpkin Paste Tong Shui (Recipe here)
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Chilled Pumpkin Jelly

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Based on this recipe for Sweet Potato Bread, I improvised and made:
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Pumpkin Bread from the bread machine. (Improvised recipe here)

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