Friday, January 27, 2006

Other knick-knacks from Japan

Some other food-related knick-knacks from Japan:

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Sweet Potato Mini Snack
The Japanese seems to have thought of everything. This little snack is convenient and tastes good too!

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Kit Kat (Special Edition - Sakura)
Ooh, I am such a sucker of nice packaging and I think the box is absolutely adorable. It tasted like Kit Kat in White Chocolate with a slight hint of sourish plum. Nice!!!

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Diet Beer
Yay for those weight-concious people. Only about 1/2 to 1/3 calories of those normal beer. To me, it tasted something like 'Shandy' minus the lemonade taste.

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My baking-related loot from the 100Yen shop.
All of the items below costs only 100yen each. They include cookie cutters in cute designs, mini stainless steel loaf tin, edible gold dusts, and Japanese glutinous rice flour for making mochi. These stuff would easily costs a least double the price here in Malaysia.


gina said...

viv, you are going to make more mochi soon? and more cookies too? what else did you buy huh? sorry for being so kapo.

myCoffee said...

Haha, I wished I bought more of the flour since it's so cheap but at that time, I was already struggling with my luggages. I went on my trip with 2 light luggages and came back with 4 very full luggages. I wanted to bake some cut-out cookies the other day but was too tired after baking the 3 types for CNY.
Other things I bought were snacks which were quickly devoured by my family.

Niki said...

Oh! You got the cherry blossom kit kat! Do you mind if I link to it? I've nearly finished a series of unsual Japanese kit kat flavours on my blog and I can't believe I missed this one over there. My friend reckons he pointed it out to me in a 7/11 but I think he's lying! I would never pass up a weird kit kat!

myCoffee said...

Sure Niki, no problem. Will surely pay a visit to your blog soon!