Sunday, October 15, 2006

MyCoffee Eats: Brunch @ Delicious Cafe

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Duck & Pomelo Salad at Delicious

Been slacking lately. Both in posting and in baking. There are tons of pictures in my archive that I have yet to post. Slowly sorting them out now.

One of my favourite way to spend the morning on weekends is to have a long brunch at any of my favourite cafes or bistros. One of them is Delicious at Bangsar Village. There is almost no other better way to spend a late weekend morning than to chill out with a close friend over delicious food and coffees at one's favourite cafe/bistro.

I was there recently and saw that they had changed their menu a little. At the same time, I can't help but to notice that their breakfast menu is a lot similar to bills (a famous 'breakfast institution' in Sydney) which I went not too long ago. For example, among the dishes on the menu include ricotta pancakes as well as corn fritters.
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Corned Beef Hash @ Delicious

My friend and I opted for something different. She ordered the Corned Beef Hash which was served with 2 sunnysides and some roasted baby tomatoes. I already had breakfast so I chose the Asian-influenced Duck & Pomelo Salad (see pic above) instead. Both were good although we thought that the breakfast dish was rather small portion for the price charged. I like my salad a lot. They were pretty generous with the duck slices. Coupled with lots of crushed peanuts and pomelo bits, it was truly scrumptious, especially if you are a salad lover like me.

Delicous Cafe
Ground Floor, Bangsar Village Shopping Center

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