Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fly Me To The Moon 2006 (Mooncakes!)

It is 'that' time again. October 6th marks the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar - Mooncake Festival.

This time, I started off with some grand plans to make various types of mooncakes. But with one more week to go and no mooncakes in sight, I have to scale down my grand plans to less ambitious means and settled in just making some 'ping pei' or chilled mooncakes. Much easier and less time-consuming to make than the traditional baked types. Although I did make a traditional baked type but in flaky pastry version.
Let's kill the suspense, here are my humble offerings for the Mooncake Festival:
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Nutty Coconut Chilled Mooncake
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Black Sesame Red Bean Mooncake (A bit 'cacat' looking because I tried out another mooncake skin recipe but taste wise, my favourite)
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Traditional Flaky Mooncake with Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Paste. (No sugar-added)

To see what I baked last year, please click here, here, here and here.

I ended up with some leftover mashed pumpkin so I baked a loaf of Honey Wholemeal Pumpkin Bread with Pumpkin Seeds. Very nice, if I may say.
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Angie said...

Viv, nice mooncakes. And the coconut ones look very interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely Mooncakes, specially the nutty one. Beautiful pictures too :)

swee said...

aiks.. u beat me to it.. haha.. i still havent make mine yet -.-"

boo_licious said...

Looks great and the coconut one looks nice and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Pretty mooncake u have there, great work!

Ann said...

Although I don't get one :( but it looks nice. Happy 8 moon 15th day!!

myCoffee said...

Thanks all.

Haha, I did beat you to it although I considered myself late. ;-)

Next time I shall make some especially for you, ok?

Gracio said...

happy mooncake festival viv! Have a great night tonight! :) Ur mooncakes look really gd! :)

knitties said...

OMG, you made mooncakes??? That's absolutely amazing and they look really good!

Lolita said...

hallo! all ur mooncakes look so good!! can i have the snowskin mooncake pastry recipe? I tried one recently and it tastes really bad :(

Duane said...