Monday, October 09, 2006

Tagged for a Meme!

Just found out that I got tagged by Eva. It's a slow afternoon so I thought I would play along too...

I am thinking about: My weekend getaway this week at Hilton KL – yay!
I said: Love must be blind! Thank God, I am not.
I want to: eat all I want and never gain weight! ;-p
I wish: for things to go my way for once (or always – hehe)
I regret: not spending enough time with my nephews and nieces…
I hear: looney tunes from Jay Chou and other ‘princes’ of chinese long songs – current addiction.
I am: going to chase away all negative vibes, or die trying….!
I dance: not nearly enough too.
I sing: when no one is listening – and they should be glad!
I cry: when I feel like it.
I am not: going to stop enjoying what I like best about my life.
I am: going to start taking more chances in life.
I write: too much nonsense and not enough sense.
I confuse: when people asked me to take a wild guess......
I need: to learn or do something new.
I tag: Swee and Evan for this meme.

That's all.
(Anyone watched The Devil Wears Prada?) ;-)

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evan said...

ha! thx for the meme :) i'm flattered!