Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weekend of Indulgence: Hi-Tea @ Cosmo Lounge, Hilton KL

Haven't done much baking lately. I missed baking but for a long time now, weekends were filled with activities. Just imagine, 12 birthdays over a period of 5-6 weeks not to mention a couple of weddings here and there plus visiting friends from offshore, these were more than enough to take its toll on me. But there had been lots of eating though...hehe.

A few weeks ago, I once again spent a weekend of indulgence at my favourite hotel in KL at the moment - Hilton Kuala Lumpur. This time, was hoping to be upgraded to their Executive Floor but the furthest I got was their Honors Floor..*grin*
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Anyhow, the entire afternoon was spent having hi-tea at the Cosmo Lounge. The hi-tea spread was rather small (both in selection and serving - you will see later), but was rather interesting. Everything came in bite-size servings, this was the first time I actually saw only 2 small cuts of "chee cheong fun" served on a sauce plate, and this was later reduced to just one small piece. *LOL* But the small serving worked in a sense that I got a chance to taste almost EVERYTHING at least once. Enough yakking, let's take a look at some of their spread.

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Asian appetizers. First time I saw chee cheong fun served in such miniscule serving. The grilled unagi was the best. Sadly, only 3 plates were replenished each time. Still it didn't stop me from having countless plates of this.

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The prawn in cold mango consomme was yummy!

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Savoury pastries.

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More western-styled appetizers and various sandwiches. Not bad...Not the tuna nor egg sandwiches though. Fillings were surprisingly measly.

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This was another favourite of mine, creamy mushroom in the smallest ever brioche that I came across. Small enough to pop the entire thing into your mouth at one go.

Highlight of every hi-teas - the DESSERTS!
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Started with something light...

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Freshly prepared crepes with choices of fillings and condiments...Delicious!

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At this point, any pretense to hold back was lost. Major pig-out time!

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This looks cute, doesn't it?

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Another 2 of my favourites, Chocolate Truffle and Lime Creme Brulee. Truly yummilicious!

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This looked ugly, I know. They called this Chocolate Fritters. Not very nice though since it was quite cold. Might be nice if served warm or when just fried.
Also included was a chocolate fountain with various condiments - fruits, marshmallows, baked goods. No need to go into details here. After all, one can never go wrong with a chocolate fountain.

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What a nice way to spend the afternoon. Surrounded by a relaxing environment with live piano music, lots of yummy goodies and plenty of conversations, it's undoubtedly one of my favourite pastimes for a lazy weekend afternoon. My only gripe was the hi-tea only comes with one miserable round of coffee/tea. Duh, how stingy!

Cosmo Lounge
Hilton Kuala Lumpur


knitties said...

That looks really good! The only time I've been to KL Hilton was during my company dinner last year and I thought it looked like a really nice hotel.

evan said...

wah all the petits fours and finger food looks really dainty and pretty!! viv, u can try making them at home mah :p

myCoffee said...

Hi knitties,
Should give it a try. Not expensive too. But then, I had the Diamonds privilege card so it was 50% off.

Hi evan,
I will, once I return to the kitchen. Been neglecting the oven for some time now...

Susan said...

can i ask how much is the hi tea? is when does the cosmo louange usually have its hi tea, going to malaysia this christmas, i think i should try it