Friday, March 16, 2007

Jackson's Burger, Sec.14

Jackson's Burger. They have been around as long as I could remember. I first had this while I was still in secondary school and recently one of my aunts told me that she used to have it when she was a secondary school student herself, and er..., she's definitely a number of years older than me. So you can imagine how long they have been around.

In fact, I had forgotten about this place ever since I finished secondary school until my company moved into that area. I remembered that I was pleasantly surprised to discover them still selling from their van not far from my office when I first moved into that area.

On the other hand, I have been told that their standards had since dropped. Could be true for there was hardly any crowd at their van even during lunch time period. Then again, if that's really true, how come they are still around right? So I decided to judge it for myself.
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I got myseld an original Beef Burger priced at RM2.50 or 2.80. Now, I couldn't remember how much I used to buy it for but RM2.50 is definitely affordable, no? The original is a no-frill version. A homemade beef patty sandwiched between 2 soft, fluffy and slightly sweet pan-fried buns; lightly topped with some onions and cucumbers with chilli sauce and maybe some mayo. Darn, I couldn't remember how it used to taste (blame it on my aging brain) but that didn't really mattered. What mattered was that it was definitely fingers-licking-good and it satisfied my craving for their burger! Mmm, mmm, mmm.....!

Besides Beef Burger, they also sell the standard Chicken Burger and "not-so-standard" Fish Burger. Oh, and they sell hot dogs too.

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MeiyeN said...

O_o i saw this van da other when i passed by handy-mart @ pj!

myCoffee said...

Yeah, that should be the one. Run by a Chinese couple.