Saturday, April 08, 2006

All About Bananas! (Banana Loaf & Muffins)

Feel like I haven't bake banana-anything for a while now. So I asked my dad to buy me some seriously-over-ripe bananas from the market. Seriously, I think that bananas that are really, really ripe yield the sweetest and most aromatic banana cake. So I was kinda disappointed when I saw that the ones that my good ol' dad bought were still kinda firm, and slightly green even.

But nothing could deter my from my determination to bake banana cakes. I used this recipe which I had used before to quite a success. However, this time I omitted walnuts and baked in 2 mini loaf tins. As I still have extra bananas, I used another versatile basic muffin recipe and baked banana muffins. The latter is obviously much lower in fat than the cake (2T of oil for 6 muffins).
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Results weren't bad at all but I still wished that I had riper bananas...

Links to recipe included.

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