Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eastern Delights: Marble Greenbean Jelly, Kuih Talam & Redbean Cream Soup

In the mood to make Nyonya-style desserts today:

First on the list, Marble Green Bean Jelly. I didn't do the marbling effect well enough. Otherwise, it is a very cooling and refreshing dessert.
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Next, Kuih Talam. Recipe found on Kitchen Capers (see side link) courtesy of Gina. Before this, I have a conception that Nyonya kuihs are very tedious to make. But Gina's recipe is very easy to follow. I would say definitely not bad for a first try although I would definitely use coconut cream for the top layer as suggested instead of coconut milk for a richer and better taste of the coconut layer.
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Last but not least, Red Bean Cream Tongshui. I wanted to make a cream style where all the beans were already mashed and blended. It was like how I intended it to be when I put it back into the Thermal Pot to keep warm but when I had it later in the afternoon, it was quite watery. Hmmm... I suspected my mom added water to the mixture as that's how she would normally cooked red beans - the usual watery style (as seen below).
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