Sunday, April 30, 2006

For the Kids (Vanilla Madeleines, Sugar Butter Cookies, Red Bean Ice-cream

It was a long weekend with Monday being a holiday (Worker’s Day). Baked some stuff to keep their mouths occupied. Otherwise I shall have no peace.

Vanilla Madeleines (recipe found here)
These were as good as claimed. I managed to take a bite but the rest was gone within 2 hours.
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Sugar Butter Cookies (recipe from latest issue of Appetite Magazine). Simple and nice! The kids helped me with cutting out the cookies. They had fun (although their poor aunt was starting to develop a headache by the time they were almost done).
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Red Bean Ice-Cream (recipe from using condensed milk and evaporated milk). Smooth but slightly too sweet with the milks and red bean paste that I used).
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evie said...

Hi Mycoffee..

I wanted to try baking the Vanilla Madeleines but the recipe has been deleted from the link you provide.

Do you mind sharing the recipe? You can email it to


ChezzyHeart said...

I'd like to know the vanilla madeleines recipe, wld u mind to share pls? thks a million =)