Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Have A Break, Have a Biscotti (Cashew Nut Almond Biscotti)

Perfect combination for a coffee lover like myself. This recipe is fat-free and so easy to make. Supposed to be Almond Biscotti but since I wanted to finish some leftover cashew nuts, I made Cashew Nut Almond Biscotti. So crispy and crunchy. I made it with the intention to keep all for myself and savour them slowly over coffee breaks, thinking that no one at home would enjoy this type of dry and somewhat hard biscuits (I sliced them about 2-3mm thick and intentionally over-baked them slightly). Kept them in a jar and left it in the kitchen but surprise, surprise, when I went to get it the next day, half of it was gone! Till today, I have no idea who the "secret admirer of the biscotti" was. (???)
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azlina a aziz said...

This sure looks delicious. If you dont mind can I have the recipe to try. BTW I just started to bake. Thanks a lot