Monday, April 03, 2006

Cupcakes & Muffins Galore (Carrot Cupcakes & Chocolate Almond Muffins)

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It started with the MPH Bookstore anniversary sale. I wanted to get a Betty Saw cookbook with a voucher that I have and also take advantage of the discount offered during the sale period at the same time. But I was disappointed to discover that the store that I visited was out of the book that I wanted. However, on the shelf I saw Judy Koh's VCD that Gina mentioned recently on her forum. Since I had a voucher and it was on sale, I got that instead; which was where I saw her recipe for American Carrot Cake. It was a simple recipe and it looked yummy so I gave it a try with some minor alterations.
I added some raisins and substituted about 1/3 of the sugar portion with molasses sugar. Used plain flour instead of cake flour (couldn't find the cake flour until when I was almost done with the baking!!!) Also, since I didn't have cream cheese on hand, I made some simple buttercream and infused it with orange oil. I must say I like the end result very much.... Also, for the first time, I found myself not able to stop licking the orange infused butter cream (usually, I don't like buttercream). Very delicious indeed.
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Carrot Cupcake with Orange-infused Buttercream and topped with orange zest.

As the recipe is simple and I was done in no time, I decided to make another batch of muffins. My nephews and niece are due back on that day from a short holiday trip so I decided to bake some treats for them. Using a packet of chocolate pancake mix that I got from Japan, I baked Chocolate & Almond Muffins for the kids. I have to say these are not bad too. I added lots of chocolate sprinkles so during baking, the chocolatey center oozed out to the top.
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Chocolate & Almond Muffins

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Mycoffee, dainty and delicious muffins you have there :)