Monday, May 01, 2006

Mango Madness (Mango Lo Mai Chi & Mango Sago Dessert)

My parents recently bought a basket of mangoes. When I saw the mangoes, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to try out some Mango-based dessert recipes such as:

Mango Lo Mai Chi (Chilled Mango Glutinous Rice Dumplings)
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I discovered these precious gems in Hong Kong’s HuiLanShan outlets and they became my staples each time I visited HK. You can imagine my delight when I saw a similar recipe here.
But then, the recipe (the skin) proved much harder than it looked. First of all, I had trouble handling the skin. It was so sticky that I couldn’t maneuver it at all. Gave up and made another type of dumpling skin using Japanese Glutinous Rice Flour, which was a much easier recipe. However, found that I am still left with quite a lot of fillings so I went back to using the prepared skin. This time, to my relief, I found the skin much easier to manage. Probably the key is to let the dough “rest” for a while before using it.
Here’s my end results with 2 types of skin:
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I also had some leftover evaporated milk and mango juice. Added some sago and voila – delicious Chilled Mango Sago dessert that’s so good and refreshing!
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Valerie said...


Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and the link on making them. ^^! I am going to try them!

But, would like to know how do you cooked the flour? Juz baked in the oven? Sorry, i am clueless when comes to cooking.. =P


myCoffee said...

Hi Val,
Welcome to my blog. Glad to hear that you find the recipe interesting. To "cook" the flour, you can either dry-fry th flour in a big wok or spread it out on a large pan and bake it in an oven till the it becomes very dry. Hope this helps!