Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day (Asian Tiramisu)

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Asian Tiramisu for Father's Day
Have always wanted to make a tiramisu. This is not exactly a classic Tiramisu, but rather, an improvised "Asian-version" from Kuali. Decided to use try this recipe as I happened to have all the ingredients on-hand (does not require mascarpone cheese or sponge fingers). Coffee liquor flavoured cream cheese layered on coffee and liquor soaked chocolate sponge cake topped with dessicated coconut; it provided a different twist to the classic tiramisu.
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To be honest, I was quite disappointed after tasting it on the 1st day (after leaving it in the fridge for a day). I found it slightly too bitter. But then, from the 2nd and 3rd days onwards, I grew to like it. The flavour seems to develope more. But because storing sponge cake in the fridge tend to dry it out, I reckon I should have soak the sponge cake with more coffee & liqour mixture. Oh, I did doubled/tripled the alcohol content more than that specified in the recipe, including adding coffee liquor to the coffee mixture for soaking the cake.

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