Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Life's Hard without a Bread Maker Machine (Sunflower Seeds Bread)

Life's hard without a bread maker machine. My family had been deprived of fresh home-baked bread every morning since my bread machine broken down. The thing is, I am convinced it is not totally broken as the motor and the kneading blade is still working. It is only when the dough becomes heavy (e.g., mixing the liquid with flour), the kneading blade could not move. :-I But unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix it.

In the mean time, if we want bread, it has to be hand-kneaded. And this is the task that I dread the most. Try kneading bread dough on a hot afternoon in a hot kitchen and you will know what I mean. The amount of sweat is similar to 1-hour of gym class. And each time I hand-kneaded a bread dough, I would swear that was the last time that I will do so.

Anyhow, here's my latest (or last) attempt. A hand-kneaded Sunflower Seeds Braided Bread, recipe from a talented baker on KC.
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Can see the braid properly as it is covered by the sunflower seeds.


evan said...

hi viv, this looks absolutely yummy, and healthy too! but too bad i'm getting abit sick of making bread, so i'll try other stuffs 1st =)

keep up the good work ya?

Anonymous said...

hey there,

to knead bread, you can also use
a cake mixer. however, instead of using the normal beaters, use the dough hooks.

i do that and i get really nice bread, without much sweat.

you just need to beat it with the dough hooks for about 8 mins for nicely textured bread.

hope this helps.


myCoffee said...

Hi Evan,
Thanks for your nice comments!

Hi Kate,
Thanks for the advice. Sadly, I don't have a proper cake mixer. I only have a hand mixer and a low-power stand mixer. Can't knead bread dough. :( Maybe time to invest in a proper mixer.

Angie said...

Mycoffee, admire your hand kneading 'power', that's a very nice loaf of bread.

myCoffee said...

Thanks, Angie. You are so kind!

Elbereth said...

Impresive this bread...It looks marvellous...I have a Bread Maker...I'll traying it...

myCoffee said...

Thanks Elbereth. You should definitely give this recipe a try! :)