Thursday, June 29, 2006

MyCoffee Snacks: Bakin Boys @ KLCC

Here’s a transcript of my ‘adventure’ at the Bakin Boys counter at KLCC:
Me goggling at the varieties of cookies on display.
Pretty attendant : Hi, would you like to try our samples?
Me : Um, sure. What do you have?
Pretty attendant : We have Peanut Parade, Cranberry Basket and Coconut Cabaret.
Me : Ok, let me try the Peanut one . Mmm.., (while savouring cookie) that’s
good. And how about the Cranberry one. Mmm… (while savouring
another cookie) This is very, very good as well.
Pretty attendant : Thanks. Would you like to buy some?
Me : Yeah, sure. But which should I have? All look so delicious.
Pretty attendant : Why don’t you buy 6? 6 pieces only cost you RM21+, and you get to
sample a variety.
Me : Oh, no-no. They are so huge and I will probably gorge all 6 by myself.
By the way, do they come in smaller sizes?
Pretty attendant : Sorry, at this time we only have them in 1 size.
Me : Ok, then. I will take the The Praliner.
Pretty attendant : Good choice. Are you sure one is enough?
Me : Yeah. They are huge! How long can I keep them just in case I can’t
finish them? Would they keep for a couple of days?
Pretty attendant : Sure, no problem at all. Here you are, 1 pc of Praliner for you (as she
hands over the bag containing the cookie).
Me : Thanks….And erm, I think I will also take another piece of The
Martian Fellow cookie.
Pretty attendant : Sure (as she gives me this knowing’ smile). Is that all?
(as she saw me eyeing the lone mini Banana Muffin glazed with Lime
Frosting sitting prettily on the counter).
I nodded rather unconvincingly. Quickly paid and scurried away before I gave in further to temptation!

Back to the cookies, The Praliner is described as “tantalizing pecans liberally sprinkled over a top crust that hides away layers of praline”. It was yummy, no doubt, although I am not sure about the “liberally” part as there was only one pecan sitting on top of the cookie. However, for a non-dark chocolate cookie, I think I prefer the Peanut or the Cranberry one. This is a little too sweet for my liking.
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And as for The Martian Fellow, it is described as “scrumptious portions of melted marshmallow in thick gooey dark chocolate”. I love dark chocolate and anything that contains good dark chocolate will not go wrong with me. Having said that though, somehow I wasn’t that impressed with this cookie. Delicious as it was, it reminded me of a chocolate brownie which (at the risk of sound pompous), I can easily replicate (or at least I would like to think so).
Bakin Boys cookies are soft cookies that kinda melt in your mouth. In a way, they remind me of cookie dough.
Nevertheless, I still enjoyed both cookies very much and was glad that I stay and work nowhere near KLCC where Bakin Boys is located.

Oh, by the way, the cookies didn’t even last through the night. Both of them were gone in no time. And I actually worried about not being able to finish one – what a joke!


evan said...

hey viv, the dialogue is so cute! reminds me of my pri school textbooks :p the cookies look really good too! r u using yr new cam? so how u find it, user friendly?

lx said...

Thanks for dropping by Bakin' Boys ;-) Am glad you had some complimentary comments on us ... do come by again!

boo_licious said...

Viv - I love the dialogue. Hope you got my email?

myCoffee said...

Hi Evan,
Thanks! And as for the camera, so far so good!

Hi lx,
Sure thing! Would definitely drop by BB again the next time I'm in KLCC. Hmm, maybe time to think about opening more stalls nearer to PJ area... ;)

Hi boo,
Got your mail, thanks!