Friday, June 23, 2006

Mirror Image (Chilled Orange Yogurt Cake)

For all cheesecake fans out there (myself included), I found a recipe that is far less worrisome (particularly for the health conscious) in the form of a Chilled Orange Yogurt Cake. Looks like a chilled cheesecake. Taste almost like a cheesecake (although the sour tang of yogurt is unmistakeable), but far less distress-causing in terms of calories than a normal cheesecake.

Recipe found here from Tazz In The Kitchen blog. Go on, try it!
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ps: However, I would not recommend yogurt-haters to try this cake.


evan said...

oh viv, guess what? the first thing i see is i feel how cool this cake looks. chilled orange yoghurt cake...omg, looks absolutely perfect!

great for the hot weather here in singapore (and i think in malaysia too) =)

evan said...

by the way, i've linked u up. yours is a blog one shd not miss!

myCoffee said...

Thanks, Evan. I've linked you up too! :)

Joanna said...

Hi there

I have been visiting your blog for quite some time until last Sat when I had the courage to make one of the easiet recipes I could find - and it was a total failure!

I tried your chilled orange yogurt cake and there were 2 things which I think went wrong.

One was the whipped cream which turned lumpy when I whipped it with an egg whip. Does it need to be in room temperature before whipping? Also when whipping, a lot of water was coming out of the cream and more whipping made it more lumpier & nothing close to a mousse :-)

2ndly, do I need to melt the sugar and gelatine with water over low fire or just some hot water from the flask would do?

Joanna said...

I still freezed it for 3 hrs although it was soooo flat but the taste was like eating frozen shaved ice (ice kacang frozen) instead of a "cake". What should the original taste like?

I wish to try it again coming Sat. Hubby said DONT GIVE UP! Thanks :-)

myCoffee said...

Hi Joanna,
Welcome to my blog! I am no pro but will try to answer your ques.
1. The recipe asks for the whip cream to be whipped to mousse state. To do that (assuming you are in Malaysia too) is a bit tricky in our hot/humid weather. You have to make sure both ingredient and all apparatus is COLD/CHILLED! First of all, chill the bowl and the beaters in the chiller for awhile (apx 5-10mins) before you take it out to whip. Make sure the cream is cold too (you may wish to put it in the freezer for a little while too to make it even colder but don't let it start to freeze up). I find it hard to manually beat the cream so it's better to use an eletric beater. Start on low speed then progress to high speed. Beat till you reach soft peaks (mousse stage). Don't over whip the cream for it will separate and you will end up with butter and liquid. Store in fridge until you are ready to use the whipped cream. Also, you should know that non-dairy cream is easier to whip than fresh/dairy cream but the latter tastes better.
2. You have to completely melt the gelatine in water. You can use the "double boil" method. For me, what I do is put the gelatine+hot water and zap it in the microwave in 5-10 secs break. Take it out and stir it till dissolved. If necessary, repeat again. If already dissolved, put it aside to cool till room temperature.
3. The cake has the texture similar to a mousse cake or cheese cake.
Like your husband said, don't give up. Try again. It will only get better. :)

Joanna said...

Thanks for your speedy reply! And yes I am in KL.

My whipped cream was already in the fridge before I removed it to whip, but it turned out not what I wanted. Maybe this time I will try using an elec mixer - see if it works then.

Hope to write to you again with some good news. This Thurs is a holiday and I will try again ...

Joanna said...

Any recommendation for any particular brand I should buy for the non-diary whip cream? Just want to get it all right this time - thanks.

Also, for the yoghurt, should be used straight from fridge as well right?