Monday, May 15, 2006

Remedies for a Hot Day (Lemongrass Drink, Mocha Ice-blended, Special Agar-agar)

Twas a hot day. I agree when people say that KL's weather is turning topsy-turvy. It can rain buckets for a stretch of consecutive days; and then it could suddenly get so hot and humid (like yesterday). Busying in the kitchen, it was as if I have been to the gym.

To find some relief from the hot weather, I made:
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Very Refreshing Lemongrass Drink
About 9 stalks of lemongrass (washed and bottom part mashed)
About 5 pandan leaves
2L water
150g of rock sugar (or to taste)
Boil water with lemongrass and pandan leaves. Once it starts to boil, turn down heat and let it simmer (covered) for 30 mins. Add rock sugar (to taste) and let it boil until rock sugar dissolves completely.

Mocha Ice-Blended (Frappucino wannabe) with Chocolate ice-cream and topped with whipped cream
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Special Agar-agar
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(Bottom layer made up by rich & creamy coconut and egg custard layer. You can see the swirly bits of the egg at the bottom layer). Taste-wise, very nice indeed!
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