Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Winner & A Shortfall (Mango Pudding & Kahlua Marble Cake)

Ok, time to try 2 much-raved-about recipes. Each in its own right.

One is hugbear's Mango Pudding on KC (see sidebar for link). I substituted whole milk for the whipping cream, as I didn't have any on hand. Result? Yum..., silkly and creamy. Very good. I can imagine that I would be even creamier had I used whipping cream as per original recipe.
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The next recipe is a marble cake recipe that used Kahlua and orange juice. I was so taken with a picture of it in the recipe. Also, I have been wanting to use my new bundt pan. So although the recipe was quite complex, I set about making it. All seems to be going well. The delicious aroma of the cake baking that wafted into the house heightened the anticipation.
But alas, when I took the cake out, the sides and bottom were burnt! Only then I realised that I forgot to turn down the temperature as the pan I used was those grey "so-called" non stick type and basically for these type of pans, I need to lower my oven temperature. So there went my hope for a beautiful looking cake baked in a bundt pan. I had to perform major surgery to cut away the charred bits. Luckily, the inside was unspoiled but then, my mood was.
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wandering visitor said...


that mango pudding looks great. I tried to look for the sidebar link you mentioned, but can't find it. do you have the link or the recipe?

also, it seems like you have a lot of experience with jellos. i've been trying to make jelly with agar agar and the consistency has been too firm. would you know how to make it more like dim sum jelly?

thank you!!

myCoffee said...

Hi "wandering visitor",
Thanks for dropping by. Here's a link to a Mango Pudding dessert (not the one I used, I think that has been withdrawn by the author but this is similar).

Sorry to disappoint but I really do not have much experience with jellos. But I think your question on the texture of the jello (e.g., firm or wobbly) depends very much on the amount of liquid used. E.g., the less liquid used, the firmer the texture of the jello.
Hope this helps.