Thursday, September 01, 2005

Experiment with Tarts & Chilled Mooncake

I have baked egg tarts before but I have always taken the shortcut and used a ready-made frozen pie pastry bought from the store instead of making my own.

Recently, I tried making egg tarts from the scratch based on a much raved-about recipe from a forum that I subsribed too. And after making it, I understood what the rave was all about. These tarts are seriously good. The crust is rich and buttery, and the filling, delicious!
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And for some added variation (actually, I ran out of the egg tart filling), Chocolate Almond Tart:
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Since I have the time, also took the opportunity to try my hand at making some mini pandan 'pingpei' mooncakes with lotus paste. Mini because I mis-interpreted the recipe and used only half portion of the originally required filling. Otherwise, these are supposed to be full-sized mooncakes!
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