Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bananas Over Bananas! A continuous adventure... (Part 3 in the series)

I recently re-discovered that I still have some frozen bananas in the freezer so I browsed through for a new "banana cake" recipe to try. I came across this Nigella's recipe. Looks good, sounds interesting and plenty of raves, so I decided this shall be it! Rum & Raisin Banana Cake.
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What makes this recipe intereting is the addition of rum-soaked raisins. Later, I discovered (from another blog) that it is possible to substitute with other dried fruits and also use coffee liquor instead of rum. I think I shall try using coffee liquor next time. Maybe I didn't not use enough rum or maybe the rum that I used was not strong enough; somehow the rum scent or flavour was not obvious enough in the raisins.

I also substituted some of the plain flour with wholemeal flour. I think this works well in providing a richer or denser overall texture to the cake.
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