Thursday, September 22, 2005

Farewell & Hello (New Oven)

Friends have been hearing me lamenting about my "small oven" and how I'm tempted to buy a bigger oven. My main gripes about my small oven is the uneven temperature (too hot!) and the size of course (cannot bake anything bigger than 8" typically). I went as far as to scout around for a new oven and at one time, nearly wanted to splurge on an impressive but expensive Tefal oven that costs more than one grand.

Despite it all, I never parted with my old oven. I bought it last year when I first started to learn to bake. At that time, I got the most economical oven I could find, not being sure if my new-found interest would last. But it lasted, and so did my oven. Until today, when my dad accidentally dropped the oven onto the floor (don't ask me how he did that or what was he doing with the oven).

So today, I have to stay farewell to my old & faithful oven. It had served me very well, through my many trials and errors in baking. At the same time, I have to welcome a new addition, which also happened to be her sister. It's of similar family (brand) but with bigger capacity. This new one also has an in-built lamp and also turbo fan for more even temperature control (I hope). Hmmm.....

Here are some snapshots of my new oven during its first few days at work:
Baking Sausage Rolls:
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Baking Rum & Raisin Banana Cake:
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