Friday, September 30, 2005

Rolling...Rolling... Breaking...(Green Tea & Red Bean Swiss Roll)

Spurred by the success of making a swiss roll without breaking last time, I attempted to make one again. This time, I decided to make a Green Tea & Red Bean Swiss Roll.

I used a different recipe this time, one that uses no oil or fat and with 3 eggs. I added 1 tsp of green tea powder to it. I did what the previous recipe asked me to do after baking, rest it in pan for 5 minutes before turning it out and roll although the current recipe said to turn it out immediately. Well, I should have just follow the recipe for when I attempted to roll it after the '5 minutes break", the worst that could happened to a swiss roll materialised. It broke! When it did, my heart sank and I was half tempted to just chop it into pieces and smear the red bean paste on top. But in the end, swiss roll was what I intended to make and by George, swiss roll is what it will be albeit a broken one. Haha...,
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