Monday, September 19, 2005

Today's Breaksfast: Yam Buns and Sausage Rolls

This is what I made for breakfast today:

Yam Buns
(This is from the leftover yam fillings that I made for the spiral mooncakes)
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Note(s): Some of them are a bit dark. Left them a little too long in the oven. The buns are supposed to be triangular. Somehow, this is not obvious.

Sausage Rolls
(And later on, I didn't have enough yams to fill all the buns, I made Sausage Roll with the additional sweet bun dough.)
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Anonymous said...

Hi ,

i always buy those yam buns from the bakery. But i think they are fattening, Anyway would rather like to make my own yam buns instead, do you happen to have the recipe that upu made those yam buns in the pic? looks good :)
Thanks alot