Friday, September 02, 2005

"Red Tortoise" Steamed Kueh

Did you take a double-take when you read the headline above? Yup, you read right! What you see below are really called "red tortoise" steamed kueh. Or at least, they are in the Hokkien dialect. Red tortoise is a direct translation from its original namesake known as "Ang Koo" in Hokkien. But why are they called "Ang Koo" in the first place? I think I better not dwell in the meaning too much (not that I know for sure anyway) except that I know they are supposed to represent good luck and fortune.
Anyway, if you scroll below and take a look at the pics, you will notice that my "ang koos" are anything but red. (except for the letter on the plain ones).
I found a good and healthy recipe from Florence and used lotus paste and red bean paste as fillings. The lighter ones are sans coloring and the green ones are pandan-flavoured. Both are good although the latter seems to be the crowd's favourite...
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