Sunday, September 04, 2005

Yummy Yams! A mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished. Had been meaning to try my hands at making steamed yam cake (orr kueh, in Hokkien) since last year. Finally did it yesterday.
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It's not a tough recipe but quite labouring though (i.e., imagine stirring of the thick batter in a hot kitchen). Luckily I have my maid to help me, I just need to give the instructions (haha). ;P

However, I did not follow the recipe to the T. First of all, I could not find chinese mushrooms in our pantry so I substituted with "mok yee" (a type of chinese dried black fungus). Also I added additional salt and sugar here and there. Lastly, I lost count of the number of cups of water that I added in, for it never seems to be quite enough. Also, steaming took about 90 mins instead of 50-60 mins stated in the recipe (I guess I was being overly cautious in making sure that all parts are cooked).

Result: My family, especially my mom, like it. For me, I would prefer the texture to be drier or more solid but my mom said it's better being slightly wet. However, we all agreed that it would be even better with more yams in it!

Note: Do not mashed all the yam. Leave some in cubes to provide more bite in the finished yam cake.

After steaming:
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After garnishing:
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