Saturday, October 01, 2005

Simple & Traditional (Orr Nee & Mantou)

Today's theme: Something simple and something traditional. In other words, I made Steamed Mantou
Teochew Orr Nee (Steamed Yam Paste with Candied Winter Melon & Gingko Nuts)
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Just a little too sweet with the addition of the very sweet candied winter melon. Otherwise, taste will be just fine. I was also overly generous with the gingko nuts. Also, texture is a little too rough but then this works in providing more 'bite' to the paste.
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By looking at it, you would not have guessed that they are Pandan Mantou. I probably didn't use enough pandan water, the taste was there but not obvious. And if you wonder about the 'odd-shape' in the middle, it came from some leftover bits that I rolled into a rope and twirled around. Not too off-putting, I hope.
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gina said...

Orr Nee is often eaten at a Chinese Wedding banquet. It symbolises unity and happiness for the newly weds. The paste is supposed to be SWEET and STICKY, and also Oily! Traditionlly, it uses Lard oil to fry the paste. the paste must be very smooth. not lumpy at all. Each time I made this, it gets better. Experience and practice helps. the last time I made this for a family gathering, all my relatives ask me to open shop. They said I pass already. :)

myCoffee said...

Yeah, I know. Precisely why I appreciate your "healthier" version. Will try to "smoothen" the texture more next time.