Sunday, August 06, 2006

Another Cookie, Another Rave (PB Filled Chocolate Cookie & Orange Choc Chip Madeleine)

I seems to be having luck when trying new cookies recipes recently. Almost all were really good! And I am not saying it just because I baked them... (ahem...)

Anyway, here's the latest recipe that I tried,
Chocolate Cookies with Peanut Butter center. ~ (FAVOURITE RECIPE)
Chocolate? - Checked!
Peanut Butter? - Checked!
Cookie Ecstasy? - Checked!!!
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Based on this recipe. (Sugar reduced . Also, used Van Houten Cocoa Powder. Anyone knows where to get 'Dutch-processed Cocoa Powder' in KL?)

In addition, the kids have been requesting me to bake some madeleines. They like the previous batch that I baked for them. To try a new flavour, I substituted vanilla with orange oil and added chocolate chips. Funnily, these were less popular than the plain vanilla ones. I guess they are less of a fan of orange than vanilla. Oh well, at least I don't have to fight with the kids for these madeleines. *grin*
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By the way, in the interest of 'good photography', the first picture was taken outdoor to catch the last of natural sunlight before dusk sets in. When my mom saw me, she said alarmingly, "What are you doing crouching on the lawn?" And typical of her, she added, "The neighbours would think that I raised a mad daughter..." Maybe a little mad, but also talented - yes?


evan said...

yes!! u r doing better & better. the cookies look good against a green background. anything with green looks nicer (and fresher). which is why desserts must be garnished using mint leaves :p haha thats my perception lah. green brightens up everything. wow, at least you've got a lawn. in sg, we're all cramped in a concrete jungle. only the rich gets to stay in homes with lawns!

evan said...

oh by the way viv, is hershey's cocoa powder dutch processed ones? i'm not sure, but i've got that at home. and it seems like cookies with peanut butter always uses two kinds of sugar, i wonder why? as u already know, i made PB cookies that time and only used brown sugar. the cookies turned out super crumbly. not very good. might b becoz i didnt add the other 1/2 cup of granulated sugar. why do u think two kinds of sugar's needed? i think its pretty strange. might b becoz the PB's salty?

myCoffee said...

Hi evan,
I am getting more and more interested in photography. I realised my camera comes with a lot of manual functions but I haven't put them to good use yet. Still learning (in other words, haven't figured them out yet).
Before you mentioned it, I didn't realise that PB cookies then to have a sugar mixture. But I do know that using part brown-ish sugar (such as demerara, muscovado, or ordinary brown) in anything with chocolate can enhance the flavour more. But have to be a bit careful if substituting for it may change the texture.

I have Hershey's too. Don't think it is dutch-processed but Hershey's is as good as it can get for commercial brands. Sadly, I'm even problem buying it locally.

Ellena Mummy said...

Ya....True true..viv, i agreed with Evan.. all your photo are getting more and more cookbook like le.... :) See until as though i am going to bite the cookies off the screen....

I think is hard to find the Dutch cocoa in singapore.. cos by using dutch cocoa, the colour will be much darker and the fav will be richer... seems like singapore is still lack of alot of baking ingredients and prodcuts compare to western countries....

Su-Yin said...

oMG!! peanut butter and chocolate! I have to try this!! looks delightfuL!
btw: love your blog! amazing set of recipes

myCoffee said...

Hi ellena,
Aiyo, 'pai-seh'. I still have so much more room for improvement in both photo-taking and baking/cooking.

Hi su yin,
Thanks for dropping by. Do try this recipe, it is good.
I like visiting your blog too. :)