Friday, August 04, 2006

MyCoffee Snacks: Bon Bon's Famous Durian Cake

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Ah, durians, how I love thee.
Some people say you are stinky,
But I think you smell heavenly.
Although your body is so thorny,
But your golden yellow flesh is "oh-so-lovely".
Ah, durians, how I love thee.

Haha, sound so cheesy, I know. But I truly love durians! In fact, to the horror of some, I can have a meal that consists of only durians and steamed white rice and nothing else. For those who shudder at the sound of this, you don't know what you are missing. It's your loss, I kid you not. (hehe)

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A close second is Bon Bon's famous Durian Cake. This cake is seasonal too, as it is only available during the durian season. After all, it is claimed that only good quality durians are used in the cake. I don't doubt it as it really feels like eating fresh durian in a cake. Generous chunks of delicious durian flesh interlaced with feather-light whipped cream in between layers of cottony soft sponge. The sprinklings of toasted almond flakes provided a nice contrast to the cake with an addictive crunch. This cake truly rocks, man!
Those in the know would not be surprised that at its peak, the order list for whole cakes could stretch to 2 weeks. And if you are lucky, you would get to order this cake in individual slices when you dine-in (strictly subject to availability). When the demand is high, take-aways are not even allowed. My only gripe is that the slices seem to be shrinking in size over the years.

Is the cake worth all the fuss? Definitely!

Bon Bon's Cafe
(adjacent to Atria Shopping Complex, Damansara Jaya)


Ann said...

What a lovely poem for the durians...haha...100% agreeable to your comment. Bon Bon serves the BEST durian cakes in town...besides durian cakes, food is good too!

myCoffee said...

Yup, yup. And you are fast becoming their spokeperson too. (just kidding!) ;-p

Puspha said...

What a lovely cake. \

evan said...

yo, nice cake!! i can smell it from here *takes a deep deep breath* LOL

Ellena Mummy said...

Wow.. Viv,

So u love to eat Durian with White Rice.... "Hi5"...we are the same gang... Since young, i love to eat durain with steam white rice... it's so delicious and i can have 2nd serving too... :)

Em.. to bad we can't have this delicious durian of yours from Singapore... :(

knitties said...

Heheheh... I'm one of those who would shudder at the thought of durians paired with white rice, but my family are crazy over durian and they eat them that way too. Thank goodness my hubs is not a durian lover.

myCoffee said...

Hi Puspha,
Thanks for dropping by.

Hi Evan,
Forgot to mention that the cake is might 'potent' too. You can still smell it on your breath 6 hours later. *LOL*

Hi Ellena,
You too? Are you a Hokkien by any chance? Coz the only people I know who eat it this way are all Hokkiens. ;-p

Knitties!!! Haven't seen you for some time. How is life?
Ok, I will remember not to order anything durian when we next go "makan"....

boo_licious said...

Really? Take so long to get Bon Bon's durian cake. I once ate it when it was served at their Dsara Heights outlet. Very nice but then sadly I have no one to share one whole cake with at all.

Tummythoz said...

Durian+white rice? *timidly raise hand* Can "Hi5" me too? :)

Precious Moments said...

I tried that before and it was heavenly (i didn't buy it though). Do you think they have one near Tropicana?

myCoffee said...

Hi Boo,
Only when at its peak, the order/wait list is that long. Otherwise, a few days in advance should suffice. For slices, you have to walk-in and even that doesn't really guarantee you will get it though.

Tummythoz, *HI-5*!

So far, they only have 2 outlets. One in Damansara Heights and one in Damansara Jaya. But the DJ branch is close enough to Tropicana.

Precious Moments said...

thanks! must check this out again in Sept. salivating now.

Anonymous said...

i love durian cakes but can i enquire the rest day and opening hours of bon bon's cafe?i tried to call them but it seems there is no reply..haiz..

myCoffee said...

Hi Anonymous,
They are open daily from morning till about 6pm but closed on Sundays and public holidays.