Friday, July 28, 2006

MyCoffee Eats: Dinner @ eatworkshop

First, I was intrigued by the name. The name alone contains 2 of my all-time favourite past time, "eat" and "shop". Err, can't say the same for the other remaining word in the name. Anyway, I always have a penchant for Australian-styled or Aussie-influenced cuisine/restaurant. (The chefs were trained and had worked in Oz.) But seriously, I was glad that I gave this eatery a try.

They say, “A picture speaks a thousand words!” Well, everything you see here was as good as it looks. (I hope my photos did the food justice.)
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Shared Starter: Smoked Duck Salad with Honeyed Walnuts & orange (I like the smoked duck, not overly salty or fatty. Most importantly, no gamey taste).
Mains Ordered:
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Pesto Prawn Pasta (I can’t get over how gorgeous this dish looks! Pasta was cooked really al-dente, and pesto sauce was good too. Second on my list of favourite pesto sauce, next to Nero Vivo.)
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Braised Lamb Shank on a bed of mashed potato (Generous serving. I thought it tasted good although I don’t really like lamb shank. You might have thought a guy ordered this – wrong! Nowadays, ladies can out-eat men anytime. Women rule!)
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Chicken – ‘something” (Aarggh! Somehow the name of this dish escaped me at this moment. Pretty similar to Chicken Cordon Bleu. Anyway, it is bread chicken rolled with seaweed and some cheese.)
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Breaded Dory Fillet (From the desc in the menu, I would have thought it is some version of Fish & Chips. After all, it said “Breaded Dory”. But surprise, surprise! It is literally ‘breaded dory’. A piece of toast on top of (pan-fried?) dory. Getit? My friend who had this gave it thumbs-up!
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I had the night’s special. Ta-ta-ta-ta….: Seabass on pan-fried risotto. (So glad I chose this! Generous cut of fresh seabass. Meat was succulent and juicy. The accompanying sauce was fantastic - slightly sweet and citrusy. The risotto was fried till crispy on the outside but still chewy on the inside, tasted like those Chinese Deep-fried Glutinous rice snack). *lol*
Exhilarating ending:
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Apple Crumble served with ice-cream (pretty average) and
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Chocolate Fondant with ice-cream and pineapple jam. Decribed as pièce de résistance, and rightly so.
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Melting warm chocolate sauce in moist chocolate sponge. Coupled with the vanilla ice-cream, I could only sighed with contentment. I think adding the pineapple jam on the side gave it a very interesting touch.

Eatworkshop also serves breakfast and lunch. Lunch menu looked very, very interesting. I definitely have to go back for lunch soon. Ambience-wise, it was erm, interesting. Located in a very ‘uncommon' neighbourhood for a restaurant. Both alfresco and in-door dining are available. We were a party of 6 and were seated at a long communal table, a typical feature of contemporary Australian bistros and cafes.

9 Jalan Peguam U1/25, Glenmarie Business Park, Shah Alam
Tel: 03-5569 7763 (Closed on Sundays)

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Jackson said...

hehe....i love their food too. But their food a bit too pricy...

myCoffee said...

Hi Jackson,
Thanks for dropping by. Actually, I found that their pricing is alright. Similar dishes at a slightly more upper class restaurant (e.g., hotel or similar) would easily be 1.5x or double the price.

boo_licious said...

Hey, glad u tried them out and yr pixs are wonderful! Yeah, I think their pricing is just rite too - not too pricey vs the joints in say Bangsar or Hartamas.