Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sweet & Savoury (Cocoa Cappuccino Cookies & Savoury Egg Sponge Cake)

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Cocoa Cappuccino Cookies (Recipe link)
Another cookie recipe worth trying, another batch of successful cookies worth to forgo any diet (heh,heh). Brownie-like cookies, it has a slightly crusty shell and soft chewy center. Coffee always provide a good contrast to chocolate. Using a good coffee powder makes it even better. You can reduce sugar slightly since it is rolled in sugar, but not too much otherwise the coffee powder may make it bitter.
Note: 1/2 recipe yielded about 20 cookies for me.

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Savoury Egg Sponge Cake (aka Kai Tan Kou) layered with chicken floss and crispy fried shallots
I first fell in love with this cake ages ago at my girl friend's house. Her mom made this cake and I nearly gobbled up the entire cake. Imagine my delight when I saw a similar recipe at SeaDragon's blog (see side bar for link).
Result was nearly as good, except that my cake was slightly soggy at the bottom. Two possible reasons for this. First, instead of a stainless steel steamer tin, I used a normal cake tin lined with greaseproof paper; and/or I left the cake in the pan for a good 8-10 minutes before remembering to remove it.I was busy with something else!)
Anyway like previously, I nearly gobbled up the entire cake!

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