Saturday, October 22, 2005

2nd Try (Lou Por Peng)

Not to give in to my "oven's bad attitude" today, I tried baking again later in the day. This time, I made Lou Por Peng (Wives' Biscuits) which is one of my favourite Chinese Pastry, particularly the ones from Hong Kong. Ideally it has soft but flaky pastry skin with a sweet and sticky filling made from candied winter melon and sesame seeds.
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This time, my oven behaved well. *whew..* All my biscuits survived the baking without any damage. Although these biscuits do not taste like how I picture my perfect lou por peng to be, they are quite good. However, it should only be consumed in small bites at a time for the candied winter melon can be a potential root cause for toothache. Next goal is to find out how to reduce the level of sweetness for the candied melons.

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